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She lives at the waters edge [entries|friends|calendar]

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[08 Oct 2003|08:37pm]
Friends Only


add me. *maybe* i'll add you back.
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Entry Page.. Friends Only.. comment on here and i'll add you to my journal. [24 Sep 2003|08:53pm]

Wasted thoughs and wreckless dreams
everything seems all the same.
All this wasted time thinking about you,
but who's the one to blame?

Is it me for being stupid?
Or you for being the one I wanted most?
I guess it's my fault then,
for wanted us to be so close..

Life flies bye so completely fast,
I guess I just wanted this to last..
You and me forever we will be,
forever and ever we will be you and me..

Well it would have been forever
cant you see?
This would have been forever,
but I guess forever means never with you and me..
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